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Dog Cooling Mat

Dog Cooling Mat

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Keep Your Pup Cool And Comfortable With Our Innovative Dog Cooling Mat!

Utilizes advanced cooling gel or materials that absorb and dissipate heat from your dog's body, providing relief from hot weather or after physical activity.

No refrigeration is required. Simply place the mat on the floor or in your pet's bed, and it starts cooling automatically as your dog lies down.


  • Cooling Technology: Advanced gel or materials for heat relief.
  • Material: Safe, breathable fabric.
  • Activation: Activates upon contact, no refrigeration required.
  • Sizes: Multiple sizes for all breeds.
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean with a damp cloth or machine washable.


  • Xs: 15.748*11.811inch
  • M: 23.622*17.7165inch


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