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Pet Cooling Mat

Pet Cooling Mat

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Pet Cooling Mat

 Stay dogs cool in hot weather with no water, refrigeration, or electricity needed. Made from non-toxic lightweight material, the pad is environment-friendly to dogs & adults, or kids.


  • The surface of the cooling pad is made of polyester, smooth and cool, waterproof, anti-bacterial, washable, acid-alkali resistant, and comfortable when your pet sleeps
  • Non-sticky, easy to care for.
  • The middle layer is PE film, anti-seepage; The inner layer is non-woven, and the gel is fixed, which can effectively absorb human body heat

Cool & Heat Dissipation

  • Dog cooling pad can reduce body temperature and stay dogs cool for hours without water, electricity, or refrigeration.

Easy cleaning
  • The ice pad is durable. If the dog cooling mats & pad surface becomes dirty, you can wash them with your hands and machines easily. Even just wipe it with a towel stained with ordinary soapy water. It won't hurt the cushion.


  • Dog cooling mats can be directly used as rest items, such as beds and sofas. Save time and effort. As dog cooling mats can be foldable. : PETPLUS Dog Cooling Mat, Pet Cooling Pads for Dogs - Dog Mats  Dog Accessories Dog Cooling Vest to Help Your Pet Stay Cool - Avoid  Overheating, Ideal for Home &

Waterproof & Pee-proof

  • Some of you may meet problems, such as "My dogs usually pee on mats ". But this dog cooling mat is waterproof and pee-proof.


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