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Washable Leak Proof Pet Mat

Washable Leak Proof Pet Mat

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The Best Pad For Your Pet 

Deodorant black technology, regenerated fiber + bamboo fiber pet urine pad, Why choose bamboo fiber diapers? Bamboo fiber has a loose porous structure, and its molecules are fine and porous. It has a strong adsorption capacity. It can purify the air, eliminate odor, hygroscopicity, and mildew prevention, antibacterial, and insect repellent.

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Maximum Absorbency

Our premium-grade pad can hold lots of liquid. Moisture is quickly absorbed into the pad and dispersed. The diaper contains 100% natural bamboo fiber cotton, which can quickly absorb urine and is not easy to reverse osmosis. Instantly lock water + bamboo charcoal molecules, lock odor, keep fresh, upgrade bamboo fiber washable diapers, and care for indoor air.

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Machine Washable 

Never use another disposable pad! Our pads maintain absorbency for up to 300 washes! Simply throw the pads in the wash, tumble dry, and put them back in your pet’s space or dog crate! The pads will be ready to offer premium protection, time and time again.

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Natural Bamboo Fiber

You can be assured that you are buying a safe and healthy product for your pet. The upgraded bamboo fiber washable diaper is suitable for dog indoor toilet training, directly on the ground, pet nest, sofa, car, and other environments.

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  • Material: recycled bamboo fiber + bamboo charcoal fiber pet urine pad
  • Size:
  • S: 17.71*22.04 inch
  • M: 19.68*25.98 inch
  • L: 26.37*39.37 inch
  • Color: green, beige
  • Cleaning type: machine washable
  • Features: Waterproof
  • Pattern: solid color
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